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Faye Meal’s 8 Steps to Home Ownership Success:


STEP 1: Mortgage Pre-Approval – It’s always a good idea to select a lender and get pre-approved for mortgage financing. There are several benefits in doing this – here are the three most helpful for you.

  • You’ll know the price range you need to work within

  • You’ll have the confidence of knowing you have written confirmation of acceptance

  • You’ll have bargaining power at the negotiating table. There are an endless number of financing options available today. Faye would be happy to help connect you to a mortgage loan professional that will be able to assist you.


STEP 2: Complimentary Consultation to discuss your needs and expectations, and get to know Faye and how she can help you achieve your home ownership goals.


STEP 3: Contract Signing – is the mutual agreement of trust and performance that will result in finding your new home quickly and easily. To view a sample contract click here.     


STEP 4: Create a Plan –Faye will help you zero in on the goals and needs you have for your new home in terms of desired features, extras, neighborhood, and budget.

STEP 5: Assess and View Potential Properties – Faye will research what properties are currently available using MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This is when experience and attention to detail matters most! Faye will point things out to you that may otherwise go unnoticed.


STEP 6: Offer to Purchase – Faye will expertly guide you through the written documentation that is prepared and presented to the seller and his/her agent.


STEP 7: Negotiating – Professional, experienced representation at the presentation/negotiation table is crucial. Allow Faye to use her skills and expertise to lead this important stage. 100% client satisfaction combined with closing a successful transaction is her #1 priority.


STEP 8: Complete the Closing Process – The deal is signed but the job is not done. Faye will guide you through the closing process to assure everything runs smoothly and meets your needs.



We would like to take the chance to thank you for the awesome job you did to find us our first home to buy.


From the start you kept us informed through every step, sent or gave us all the needed information or whatever we asked. You was always available on cell or text and willing to help. Your professionalism, experience and advice you gave us during the process of finding and buying our first house is highly appreciated and was very helpful to make a great deal. Also, your advice and help after the purchase process has been greatly appreciated and very helpful.


The experience of buying our home was great and we want to thank you for making the purchase of our property such a smooth transaction. We look forward to a long relationship with you and we highly recommend your services.


Thanks again!


– Diana & Paul Frasie

STEP 1: Mortgage Preparation – it’s always a good idea to communicate with your lender to get an overview of the cost involved to discharge your mortgage.


STEP 2: Complimentary Consultation to discuss your needs and expectations and get to know Faye and how she can help you get the most dollars.


STEP 3: Listing Agreement – is a mutual agreement of trust and performance with Right At Home Realty.


STEP 4: Create A Plan:  Faye will zero in on having your house look amazing and ready to market.  Faye’s goal is to “WOW” and entice potential buyers into your home. The first impression is very important!


STEP 5: Buyer’s Offer – Faye will present you with the Buyer’s offer and guide you through options in dealing with the offer. 


STEP 6: Negotiating – Faye is an excellent intuitive negotiator.  She will try to find out the buyer’s motivates for the purchase and ensure that you have the upper hand during the negotiation process to get you an accepted offer.


STEP 7: Accepted Offer – An accepted offer is not a done deal! The majority of the accepted offers have conditions that the buyer needs to satisfy to firm up the sale. 


STEP 8: Complete the Closing Process:  The deal is firm and binding but Faye’s job is not done.  Faye will guide you through the closing process to assure everything runs smoothly

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